We believe in simplicity.

IT systems come with
best practice business processes.
Do your processes really fit those hard-wired scenarios? We offer you paperless solutions to find the optimal information density for your blue collar workers.

Less Reworks,

Faster Cycle Times,

Highest User Acceptance.

80% less reworks

Based on an evaluation we did together with our customer, the number of reworks in Lithography was reduced by over 80%. Especially wrong equipment setup was prevented by flexmade Paperless Solution.

This will significantly reduce costs for additional process steps. Furthermore, your lead time will be speed up and you will have less effort for your final assessment of production lots.

Cut 20 seconds
from each operation

Depending on your environment1 it is possible to save eight person-hours per day. Imagine what you could do with 8 hours of additional in your fab!

1 Example: 100 equipment, 5 lots per shift for each equipment, 3 shifts, 20 seconds per move.

9 of 10 users
love our product

An underestimated attribute of a modern IT system is the acceptance of users. A system must optimally support the task a user has to fulfil. The less a system get in the way to execute tasks the more likely it is those systems are actually used. A satisfied user has no motivation to trick the system.

This means, with such a system your users most likely will follow your defined processes. Managing your quality is going to be much easier, don't you think?

So what is it,
what we do

Most of the times all needed information is available for users - otherwise, production would be a nightmare. The Problem? Information is distributed over many systems. Why is it so hard then to get all information when needed?

We believe a modern IT system has to blend into existing processes seamlessly. For us, this means a system should know by itself what the current situation is - without user interaction. Our solutions act as an information provider to users instead of being a stumbling stone to get stuff done.

With our scientific background, years of experience in production and our urge to keep things simple we see things differently. We ask questions to understand your processes and come up with little tweaks to tailor a display of information you need. We do not just migrate extisting systems to paperless solutions - we help you to take the next step in digitalization. Let us give you a new piece of technology to react faster, push your quality and be more successful!

Our Use Cases

Process Information

Automatically display all relevant information to start a process.

Time Coupling

Never miss the optimal point in time. See immediately if something has to be done.

Batching Proposals

Looking ahead in time and make better batching desicions. Better equipment utalization, faster lead times.

Tool Condition

All you need to know about your tool. Never call somebody who's not available when equipment is down.

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